DIY: Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars


Having a bunch of empty bottles of the same kind lying in your home doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a disorganized person or a hoarder for that matter. It means you have the unique opportunity to repurpose all of them into something useful. It is not that uncommon people prefer different types or brands of spices and would like to organize them as one single category and not have a bunch of sizes and colors in their spice cabinet. Combining the 2 situations, you will thank us for suggesting you make these repurposed etched glass spice jars. Take adhesive stickers and using a pair of scissors or razor blades, cut the shapes of the letters you would like to write on each of the bottle (now jar). The shape and style of the words are entirely up to your imagination and creativity. Afterward, take the etching cream and apply it with the help of a soft paintbrush on the space you like to etch. When 5 minutes have passed, wash off the cream from the glass, remembering to wear gloves the entire time. The process is described in detail in the tutorial provided, so pay attention to all the details and good luck making your customized repurposed etched glass spice jars.

What a great way to repurpose and recycle!


Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars… in 13 steps by WUVIE

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