DIY Sand Footprint Craft


Maybe you didn’t find out yet, but there is a way you can freeze time still. And here’s the real surprise: there’s no technology involved. No photos, no Polaroid either. We present a handmade version of preserving something for posterity. Here is how you can make a footprint keepsake right in your backyard. And the nicest thing about it, is you can improve your home’s interior design with it. First of all, make sure you have these following:

• a big photo frame;
• plenty of sand;
• a glue gun;
• craft plaster;
• water;
• a piece of cardboard;
• spray on sealer;
• a couple of sea shells;

Place the frame without the back cardboard and glass piece. The front should be covered with the cardboard from the back. All instructions step-by-step are ready for you in the link below…

sand-footprint-craft-1 Sand Footprint Craft – Full DIY instructions

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