DIY Shelves Using An Old Door


Decorations are starting to look more and more custom made and in this regard, the DIY world has a heavy word to say. Handmade enthusiasts are creating new and exciting pieces of decorations from usual stuff we are tempted to throw away. If you too want to improve the interior design of your home with a DIY object, here is a simple example you could implement in your living. Learn exactly how to make a very creative corner shelf-door out of an unused door. Grab the following materials:

• a solid core door;
• a piece of 1200 by 600 by 18 mm plywood;
• timber offcuts;
• safety glasses, gloves and mask;
• a Preplock shellac based stain blocker;
• a Aquanamel semi gloss in Champion;
• a jigsaw;
• a power sander;



Begin by marking the middle of the door widthwise. Do this with the door placed securely on a workbench. Then, mark a new point at half the distance from the center to one side and trace a line lengthwise that will go through the new point. Position and secure timber offcuts on this line. Take the electric saw and cut along the inner side of the timber. Next, sand all of the door’s surfaces in a lightly manner. Prepare the wider part of the door to be drilled into the side of the other part, just like in the pictures. Pre-drill holes and drive timber screws through them…

Cut the shelves from the piece of plywood and sand the edges to give extra smoothness to the round side. Secure the shelves to the door by applying first some glue to the edges of each shelf, and then screwing in like you did previous with the door. Finally, apply the stain blocker on all surfaces and leave to dry before lightly sanding them. Pour 2 coats of Aquanamel afterward. Let it dry up and place it inside with some fastenings to secure it to the wall. The job is complete….See more photos and details in the link below..

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