DIY Skeleton Lawn Decor for Halloween


Ready to decorate the household in the proper Halloween spirit? The next idea will both impress you and give you inspiration. Making a skeleton scene on the lawn can be a creative project for this year’s Halloween. After you successfully purchased the skeletons, available here… (be warned this process may take a while) you can begin the DIY project. In order to position the skeletons in a fun and exciting position, you will need old wire clothing hangers cut to pieces you want, some fishing wire and line. A garden stake will also be required to position the bottom half of the skeleton properly into the ground. When you’ve managed to secure the arms with the wires the shape will begin to take form and the whole thing will look awesome! You can be as creative as you like, making use of props, like a shovel or a `body bag` made from a black garbage bag. The scene showcased here is one you can replicate in its entirety or just draw inspiration from it and create your own.



>>> Full Body Halloween Skeleton for Best Halloween Decoration



Photo courtesy: Helpful Homemade

 Full Body Halloween Skeleton here…

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