DIY Small Stylish Shed



Often, ordinary garden tools and common materials are not kept in a resistant or highly durable structure. The outdoor cabinets or tables are seen as cost-appropriate enclosures for something as trivial and used to dirt and dirty activities. In these cases, the utility function is handled, but what about attractiveness? You would want all of your outdoor design to look good. So we found a great solution for storing garden tools and materials: a Small DIY Stylish Shed. The project is not for beginners because it requires some building techniques; these are also necessary in order to keep the harsh weather from taking a toll on the little structure. As you can see from the design plans, it is not a simple box of wood but a durable structure which will withstand harsh weather and still be as beautiful as your house. The outdoor storage shed can be made as large as you want, because the plans are scalable. Check out the list of materials (a lot of stainless-steel fasteners will be required) and follow the tutorial to build your own DIY stylish shed.

From Fine Homebuilding Decks and Outdoor Projects , pp. 100-101

photo credit: Within the Grove

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