DIY Snowflake Paper Patterns


If you want to create the perfect Christmas decorations for your home this year, then consider yourself lucky, as we’ve found a great idea. To make your home look festive and winterish, you can make the most amazing snowflakes and hang then around in your room. The snowflakes are so easy to make and you’ll only need white paper, scissors, a pen and a pattern to make them. Once you transfer the pattern onto paper or print it out, you can start cutting the snowflakes and then assemblingyour decoration piece by piece. If you prefer 3D decorations, below you have a great 3D snowflake idea. Just follow the instructions and assemble your decoration or fix each snowflake on your wall with double-sided tape.

How to Make a 3D Snowflake

DIY-Snowflake-Paper-Patterns-1 more details here…

The origami DIY snowflake paper


How to Make Star Wars Snowflakes

DIY-Snowflake-Paper-Patterns-3 more details here…

The origami DIY snowflake paper


Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Snowflake Crafts


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