DIY Stained Glass Candle Holder


In order to make this next awesome candle holder you will need the following materials: glue which after drying turns transparent, a glass, candle, tissue, scissors and one brush. The first step is to take the tissue and cut small shapes out of it that look like flowers. Then take the glass and glue the flowers on it, but make sure that after you glue the flowers you also apply some glue on the top of each one. Repeat this whole process with each flower and that is all. It looks really nice and can be a great idea for a gift as well. (MOD PODGE available here –> $7.88)
More photos here.

3 Responses to “DIY Stained Glass Candle Holder”

  1. alka says:

    Best use of modpodge.

  2. Debbie Smith says:

    Awesome please send me updates

  3. maria julia montes says:

    hola si pueden que la pagina salga para traducir en español gracias

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