DIY Stone Planter


Having a garden means also having a lot of extra space that needs to be decorated in one way or another. Plants are the most obvious choice for decorating your garden, but what should those plants be placed in? Well, if you don’t want to buy the regular planters at your local gardening store, then the most suitable idea would be to create the planters yourself. How can you do that? By following these simple steps below. Grab these supplies for the project:

  • planter or a pot (you can use a plastic pot or a ceramic one);
  • river stones (you can buy an entire bag for less than 5 dollars);
  • hot glue gun;

Take you pot or planter and turn it upside down as you will start gluing the stone on it. Start at the bottom of the pot and glue each stone one by one. It will take some time until you glue every stone, but be patient as the result will be gorgeous. When you are ready, take you pot outside and plant some flowers in it. That is all. A very simple decoration which has a nice impact on the look of your garden!

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  1. Debbie says:

    If you use a plastic bag over your container first then you can make your model pots not using up your pots

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