Hand Painted Stone Flowers

How about these beach stones with hand-painted designs on acrylics? These stones are unique with their design and can be found in the link below. ” I paint and draw all of my original designs by hand with the acrylic paints,

DIY Stone Planter

Having a garden means also having a lot of extra space that needs to be decorated in one way or another. Plants are the most obvious choice for decorating your garden, but what should those plants be placed in? Well, if you don’t want to buy the regular planters at your local ...

Garden Design Ideas With Pebbles

If you are looking for some ideas of how to organize your patio or garden, we show you a lot of great examples for you. You can choose between a wide variety of shapes and plants, and you can even pave a little corner of your garden with pebbles. We noticed that short plants are popular ...
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