DIY Stylish Crochet Scarf


The next tutorial is going to teach you how to crochet a beautiful and light scarf, perfect for spring weather. It will look great with a jeans jacket or a stylish trench coat. You will have to use the broomstick crochet design and don’t worry if this is the first time you’ve heard of it. This crocheting technique may seem a bit hard at first, but it is definitely worth a try. Just follow the pictures and the steps below to make the scarf. You will need:

• a skein of yarn;
• one 4 mm hook;
• an object for your lace loops;
• one large blunt tapestry needle;
• a pair of scissors; DIY-Stylish-Lace-Scarf-1

Start with the 4 mm hook and make the chains. First make them in a row, then proceed to create the broomstick lace pattern. Look at the image for guidance. You can create any other kind of pattern you want and even shape the broomstick crochet chains according to your imagination. When you reach the desired length of the scarf, just cut the yarn and leave a longer piece to finish off the scarf. Secure the end by making a knot and your scarf will be ready. Congratulations on your project!

source and more details:

knitting-scarf source: Handimania

6 Responses to “DIY Stylish Crochet Scarf”

  1. Robin says:

    I would love to see a visual of this tutorial. Please, are you doing one soon? I dont understand how to do this by looking at the pictures.

  2. Lucrecia Estrada says:

    me gustaria aprender de la gran variedad que ofrece, siempre me ha gustado el crochet y el tricot, gracias por facilitarnos la informacion

  3. lynette de bruyn says:

    Please would u be able to send me the pattern of the scarf u have on facebook. I would love to crocher them for my family and friends. Would pay for the costs thank u lynette de bruyn. My cell no is 0768447944 the DIY stylish crochet scarf

  4. Deb Snider says:

    This is broomstick lace isn’t it?

    • Virginia says:

      Yes it is, my grandmother use to do it all the time when she made quilts but she actually had a needle that looked like a knitting needle instead of wooden dowels. The needle was actually sold as broomstick needle.

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