DIY Swing Set Frame Chicken Coop








step by step instructions here…

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  1. Thom Foote says:

    Elegant. I got a steel framed “instant garage” from my neighbor for free and repurposed it into a 10’x20′ greenhouse. It is satisfying to find the hidden use in used stuff. Nice work.

  2. jessica wilson says:

    Do you put these together and then we pick up or do we have to pick it up and put them together very interesTed and really need a good chicken coop thanks so much and have blessed day

  3. jessica wilson says:

    And need to know where your located

  4. Vincent says:

    And not the chicken have to be killed as food. 🙁

  5. appley says:

    strange comments

  6. lee says:

    DO NOT USE CHICKEN WIRE! Predators easily get though it. Use hardware cloth or at least metal fencing. Snakes get through any large holes.

  7. Lynne McLain says:

    I appreciate your efforts to repurpose items, but this is not suitable as a chicken coop. It is suitable to use as a run. Chickens need an enclosed house at night that is predator proof. I suggest you watch some video from critter cams before you label items like this as “coops.” A fox, raccoon etc. would be in that enclosure in a couple of minutes and you would lose all of your chickens. A little research before labeling, but all in all a real nice run with a place for them to get out of the weather and have feed and water.

  8. Kim says:

    I do believe the wire used is correct. I would dig about 3 feet deep around the exterior and place some more tin so that creatures could not dig their way inside. Place the chicken coop with the metal part facing north (opening facing south) that way they are somewhat weather protected. During cold weather….wrap with heavy duty plastic allowing for some holes for air circulation. And it should have a door that is also wrapped but separately so you can still go in and out. Placing some nesting boxes under the shelter will encourage egg laying.

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