DIY Teddy Bear Granny Square


This comfy teddy bear blanket will remind you of childhood and the toys you played with when you were a kid. It is also an awesome gift idea for a baby shower or a child’s birthday party as its happy and joyful aspect will bring a smile on every child’s face. Of course you can use this pattern to create all different sorts of items, not only blankets as it will look good on a small bag or purse too. In case this is your first crochet project, prepare for a bit of sweat and hard time, but if your skills are advanced it should be very easy for you. You will find step by step instructions in the PDF tutorial, as well as the pattern and photographs that will guide you through the project. Once you master the trick of creating the teddy bear heads, it will be very easy to join the squares together and create the entire blanket. A beautiful DIY project and a very original gift idea for this new year!


Teddy Bear Granny Square – Dada’s Place  + PDF TUTORIAL


Owl Crochet Baby Blanket PDF 

11 Responses to “DIY Teddy Bear Granny Square”

  1. laurel sarett says:

    Where is this pattern available? Dada’s no longer has it? I shared your link and now people cannot find pattern. HELP

  2. Marianne says:

    Just looking at the Teddy Bear Granny Square and can’t see the PDF tutorial or pattern anywhere? It’s frustrating to see nice ideas and not being able to get the pattern!


  3. Linz says:

    Just figured it out…Where it says
    Teddy Bear Granny Square – Dada’s Place + PDF TUTORIAL

  4. Linz says:

    Figured it out…Where it says
    Teddy Bear Granny Square – Dada’s Place + PDF TUTORIAL
    at the bottom of the paragraph, those are the links. They just don’t look like it.

  5. kendra says:

    The links take you to etsy, where you have to purchase for $6. Not free!

  6. Linda says:

    I don’t get it? Why are you obsessing over the fact that the pattern is not free? It doesn’t say anywhere that it’s suppose to be…

  7. Dorothy Lanier says:

    The post said this pattern will make you sweat and give you a difficult time. That is absolutely wrong! It’s an easy and straight forward pattern. You make the head then add the ears and then embroider the nose. The pattern is single,double and triple crochet stitches. Nothing hard about it! Geez. The $6 for the pattern with the tutorial is well worth the money.

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