DIY Thread Easter Egg Basket


Every year’s festivities demand some proper preparations at home. Making sure the decor is attuned with the main holiday or season’s festivities is important to setting a welcoming ambiance. You can do all kind of decorative projects and put on various decorations, but one simple craft will stand out from the others – both in terms of result and effort. So to be ready for this year Easter festivities why not make the DIY Easter egg basket from thread? This particular kind of craft will be so easy to make, even kids can pitch in on the workload. Check out the list of materials, because you will need some other things besides thread, like a foam egg shape or color paint spray.  Read what steps are required in order to achieve a similar product and begin making the DIY basket. You can place it on the walls or even on the table with some beautiful little decorations inside.
















7 Responses to “DIY Thread Easter Egg Basket”

  1. saeed gerad says:

    Very good

  2. AGGIE says:

    great idea!

  3. Inga says:

    What glue is it? And are you putting glue after waving or before?

  4. Chris Timms says:

    Would pva do the same thing as water glass?

  5. Doris Simon says:

    Can you use Elmer glue and water
    And if so how much water to glue

  6. Doris Simon says:

    T Eva
    Want to make string egg.
    Can you use Elmer glue and water

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