DIY Time Out Stool


Being a parent has some hard parts, as it’s not always fun and sunshine. There are moments in every parent’s life, when they have to deal with their kid’s nasty or aggressive behavior. Teaching them a lesson can be a hard task and every parent has a different approach in such a case. When words fail to work, a time-out stool can be a peaceful option to “punish” your children and give them time to reflect on their behavior. If you want to make such a stool on your own, here is a really cool idea, that will also help you measure the time your child spends reflecting. It is a sandglass time-out stool with a very cool design, so once your child will grow up you can still keep the stool in your home. By visiting the link below you can find out more about the necessary materials to build the stool and a step by step guide for the project. So next time your child needs to be disciplined, you can ask him/her to sit on a chair for 5 minutes and have an open and mature discussion with them.


Also, if you don’t have time to build one, this Time Out Stool is available HERE…





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  1. teresa says:

    If someone could give me step by step how to make the hourglass timeout stool would absolutely love the help please here is my email

  2. samantha says:

    If you go to the next page and scroll to the bottom it will say for step to step instructions click here

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