DIY Tire Rim Grill (No Welding)


Having an innovative approach to doing things may save you some money. Take this next DIY project for example. Making your own charcoal grill will definitely cut down on the cost of buying a new one. Especially if you choose the version suggested here. The tire rim grill will not only prove efficient but also will look good. The design of the rim itself makes it perfect for grilling and impress when people come in your yard. There is no welding required and a new paint coat on the cleaned rim will get you far into the process. A couple of days in the weekend will be all the time needed to turn an unused tire rim into the perfect simple grill you see in the pictures. Further details and instructions on the DIY job at hand will be available at the end..

Step 1: Removing the rim from the rubber


Step 2: Parts and Painting



Tire-Rim-Grill-5 Tire-Rim-Grill-6


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