DIY Tire Rim Grill (No Welding)

Step 3: Base Tire-Rim-Grill-7 Tools: Grinder Miter Saw Power Drill Planer (Optional) Parts: Tire Rim High Heat Paint – 2 Cans 4’x4:x96″ – 1 5/8″ Bolts/Hardware – 4 Wheels – 4 1/2″ Lag Bolts – 4 1 1/2″ Steel Black Pipe – 18 inches 1/2″ Threaded Rods/Hardware – 2 Grill Grate – Various Sizes, 1 or 2 Wheels – 4 Step 4: Rim to Pipe to Base Tire-Rim-Grill-8 Step 5: Finishing Touches Tire-Rim-Grill-9 Tire-Rim-Grill-10


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Instructions provided by AmateurHour

8 Responses to “DIY Tire Rim Grill (No Welding)”

  1. Felix says:

    Just make sure you use something without chrome. chrome, when heated, releases poisonous fumes

  2. Jw says:

    What keeps the coals from falling out onto your lovely wood base?

    • David says:

      agreed… might consider using some dense sort of hardware cloth to keep the coals “In” the rim.

    • C S says:

      Anyone tried using a stripped steel spare or “doughnut” ,as there are not to many holes in it for anything to fall out of? I am trying that soon with a 15″one *as that is what our old car had* and a 13 1/2″ grill from the hardware store to go with it.

  3. Larry "The Wizard" Siegfried says:

    What size rim did you use … and how do you prevent the hot embers from dropping through the rim and burning the base?
    Thanks ~The Wizard

  4. Paul Hutton says:

    What size r is that? Really want to build one but as I don’t have any wheels laying around I need to find one at the junkyard.

  5. Eric barnes says:

    This is a great looking grill! I’ll have to make one now. Thanks for the great tip.

  6. Gary L Stewart Jr says:

    Line the bottom with aluminum foil to stop the coals in.

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