DIY Toilet Roll Seed-Starter


When you think about ways to begin growing a full-size garden, there always is that `Big Bang` moment. When you are super excited and full of motivation to build the entire thing in one day’s time, but you slowly digress from your progress. In order to avoid some of this, use materials you already have in your home to make seed starter pots. Here is how you can use toilet paper rolls for this purpose. Grab the following:

• roll of toilet paper;
• a pair of scissors;
• pre-moistened soil;


Start by cutting some quarter of an inch wide strips around the end of the toilet roll. Then, push the strips into the inside, folding each one in an overlapping manner. Now, you can apply some tape over them to keep the base secure. Fill the tube with pre-moistened soil almost the entire way up. Leave half an inch or so empty and plant your desired seed in. The perfect recycled DIY planter is finished!

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