DIY Turner Lift Top Coffee Table


Keep your living room clean and organized with the Turner Lift Top Coffee Table. The books, magazines, pens, and games can be tucked inside the Turner Lift Top Coffee Table. We commonly use a humble coffee table for holding our laptops while we are tapping away on them, but admit it – it feels uncomfortable: the common coffee table was not designed to have the proper height that allows us to write comfortably while sitting there. But the designers of the Turner Lift Top Coffee Table seem to have solved this problem by attaching an extra top to it. No more clutter from now on, but everything you want is at hand. This coffee table has a top that hinges open for hidden storage in a felt-bottomed box. It’s better, isn’t it?
Now, according to your skills and your free time, we offer you two possibilities: create your own coffee table (see here the tutorial with all the steps you need to know) or buy one already assembled from Amazon ($189 ; $199 ; $199; $397) . How does it look ?





Coffee table upgrade – Instructions

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  1. Theresa Masucci says:

    Intrested in the smaller table on this page….
    From Good home design.

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