DIY Unique Christmas Candle


You can’t imagine a complete New Year’s Eve holiday without a decorative candle. You can choose from the many versions the downtown shops or malls offer, but they often lack the spirit and personality of a homemade one. So, make your afternoon a little bit more entertaining with this DIY candle. The end-result will be much more pleasing to your household and overall Christmas holiday decoration. And if you don’t feel like having it as your decoration, you can easily make it a gift to your friends or loved ones. First of all, you will need:

• white candles, not flavored ones;
• a wick;
• a glass or cardboard form, depending on what type of candle you are going to do;
• additional materials, such as coffee beans, shells, cinnamon rolls, dried flowers and leaves, different cereals, dried lemon or orange slices, dried lavender;

Now proceed to the process of making candles. Either way you want to choose to make your Christmas candles, first you’ll need to heat and melt some of the white candles to have some wax to work with later on. So, there is the cardboard way you can go about DIY Christmas candles. Build two square hollows shapes from the cardboard, one larger than the other. The bigger shape is inserted into the bigger and the gap between the forms is filled with melted paraffin or wax. While you pour the wax, add the decorative materials – coffee grains or cereals, or dried flowers. Use your imagination! When it hardens a little, remove the cardboard and then continue without it.

Fill in the middle of the melted wax, placing a wick in the middle, attached to a toothpick for better fixation. After the wax solidifies, clean the toothpick. Your decorative Christmas candle is ready!

The other method is by using a glass. Pour the wax into the prepared glass cup, and just decorate the candle with dry slices of orange or other fruit, like mandarin orange segments, of which the pulp is removed.

Take advantage of some decorative materials out there and use special dyes. Your candle will look especially elegant and Christmas like.

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    están hermosas voy a hacer algunas espero que me salgan lindas como a ustedes

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