DIY: Unique Lamp by Using Soda Can Tabs

In order to proceed further, bending the tabs is required. Do exactly like shown in the photo; twenty degrees downward is enough. Then, it’s off to installing the top hoop clip. Beginning with a bent but uncut tab, set it on the wire hoop and press on the bend turning the 20 degrees into 90. Because you want each tab wrapped tightly around the wire, you’ll need to apply some leverage with the help of a screwdriver inserted through both openings of the bent over tab. Repeat until the wire hoop is completely covered. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t avoid the spokes, but include tabs over them.

Once you’re done with the top, put one row of bent tabs aside and cut the rest of them as shown in the picture. Use side-cutter for this operation. The step is a prerequisite for making the links. Using your fingers, open the cut loop to 1/16 inches and pass it through the bottom loops of a pair of adjacent hoop clips, but also through the gap inside the bent tab; check the photo for better guideline. Repeat the process for as many links required to finish the entire lamp. When you reach the bottom row, stop for a bit.

If the lamp looks good, proceed. If the links are too wide apart, replace them. You want it to look great in the end, don’t you? For the last row each tab needs not one but two cuts. Make cuts on each end, from 1/8 inches up from the end. Install like the previous links, but check the photo to see if you’ve achieved the same result.

The bottom hoop should be made like the top one. Bending each tab over the hoop will give you the required row. There’s a catch though. Take them out of the hoop, open and bend them to 45 degrees and using the side cutters, snip each one so you can link them to the mail, like you did with the others. If necessary, secure the troublesome clips with pliers. In these last of steps, you should insert the hoop and connect it with the clip tabs with patience. To finish the project, install the light bulb. You’re done!

16 Responses to “DIY: Unique Lamp by Using Soda Can Tabs”

  1. Patricia says:

    Either my browsers are malfunctioning or the instructions are missing.

  2. Danielle says:

    I would really love to see how this is made and what is needed, but I don’t see any instructions. 🙁

  3. Lois says:

    It also looks like all the tabs are bent a little bit – just have to study the pictures I guess

  4. Deb says:

    I can’t figure out why things get posted if there are no directions. Some people may figure it but some may not be able to see the pictures very well.

  5. KarenMarie says:

    I would love to know what they are using for the base.

  6. hajar says:

    For interested people, you can find the instructions here :
    Enjoy 😉

  7. Gbabi says:

    Geez people – can you not just pick up how to make it from the pictures? It’s not that hard!

  8. Gale says:

    What a great video by such a young girl! I am sharing this with my granddaughter!

  9. Bill Hopper says:

    Just give tabs to place that collect them for wheelchair

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