DIY Vintage Daisy Crochet Pattern


When searching for a new and interesting pattern to apply on your clothes or decorations, you want to both impress and maybe create something new that other people would use to brighten up their days. This is the case of the vintage daisy crochet pattern. One glance at the spring-inducing model showcased on this webpage and you will instantly be transported to a time where things seem to be easier. The vintage effect of a bunch of daises could also be applied to specific pieces of décor, because if you learn to make one crochet daisy, you can fashion with it almost any cloth or decoration you set your mind to. Here is what you’ll need:

• a 4mm hook;
• white yarn;
• yellow yarn;
• green yarn;


If you’re familiar with crocheting, the pictures will be an easy guideline. Start with the yellow stem, continue with the white petals and finish with the green enclosure. After you do the first daisy it is fairly easy to make an entire blanket out of this pattern. Join the daisies together by slip stitching the final round (as you work) to the previous one. Find a more complex and in-depth stitch-by-stitch tutorial on the link below. We wish you good luck and we hope this was an inspiration for your creative and bold design.

Crochet Pattern: Vintage Daisy Motif (Tutorial)


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