DIY Waist High Planter Box


Gardening is not an easy activity like you would tend to imagine. Of course it’s not as intricate as rocket science, but it is still a tiring job. The tasks of watering, tilling and any other aspect of tending to your plants will tire you and perhaps give you backaches on the long term. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. A DIY waist high planter box is the answer for the previously mentioned issues. We’re not suggesting you take this solution and implement it the entire garden, with all of your plants, but it’s nice to have things done easy for change.


If done properly, with some reclaimed wood, your finances are safe and your backache might get better. Remember that you will wield some tools, like a table saw, Mitre saw, power drill, Kreg pocket hole jigs and clamp, as well as a 5/8″ Forstner Bit (for making the drain holes). Some measuring tape, wood glue and set square will definitely help. And wearing protective equipment for the eyes and mouth is mandatory. Read the entire tutorial to get all the know-how on the DIY high planter box. Get your wooden boards, make sure they’re smooth and don’t have any staples in them and start building away!




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