DIY Wall Mounted Ironing Board


Making sure your clothes look perfect and your style isn’t messy, an iron is essential. In this context, the ironing board will take a central role. But setting it up each time you need to iron your clothes and packing it afterward is a tedious job which most of us don’t really feel like doing. A drop down ironing board will be perfect in this situation! Paying $150 on one of these in the shops would be quite expensive and really not worth the money. Luckily, a $30 alternative seems more attractive. And we will show you how to turn the idea into reality. Grab the items on the materials list and begin working on your own DIY wall mounted ironing board. One quick way is showing the photo provided to your hardware store clerk and they will supply you with everything you need. Good luck on making your style look neat and perfect all the time!

Here’s an Wall-Mounted Ironing Board (discount)..

Wall-Mounted Ironing Board (discount) – Amazon



or .. a DIY Project..

DIY Wall Mounted Ironing Board – Tutorial by Michelle ( A Little Tipsy )

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