DIY Wall Organizer


Here is diy project that involves recycling. We all have at home some food packages in which we bought chicken wings or other kind of meat. Why not recycle them? You can take these boxes, paint them any color you like and cover them with decorative paper. After that you can find an easy way by which you can hang them on the wall and they will be a great storage place for paper, pencils and other things you use daily. It looks nice and it is really simple. Your kids will love this cute wall organizer.


7 Responses to “DIY Wall Organizer”

  1. Michell M. says:

    Very useful for kids !! We can locate them in their bedrooms and maybe (just maybe) will be less mess :p

  2. Susanne Beckmann says:

    Thank you for that great Idea!
    From now on I will collect those packages 🙂

  3. Aurelie says:

    Turning dead animal packages into cute recipients for markers. How smart!

  4. Kathryn Lambkin says:

    I wouldn’t be to excited about washing up that gross slimy packaging 🙁 Rather just recycling those ones. Cool storage though! I think people who are messy just don’t have enough storage space!

    • Possum says:

      Well isn’t that what this is about? Making more storage space? Also when you say you’d rather recycle them than wash them – surely you wash them before you throw them in the recycling? Otherwise they contaminate the whole bag/batch and then none of it gets used (just thrown in the tip)

  5. Caitlin says:

    Great idea!

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