DIY Water Balloon Luminaries


Making candles at home seems like a dull activity, but when a lumiere is involved, things seem to change a little, for the better. This DIY project about how to make lovely wax lumieres will prove you that candle-making could be fun. As you can see from the pictures, the skill is something you can easily master after a few tries. With this technique, candles can be made into what size you desire – but according to extent the material allows you to do that. Yes, the main material in this type of project isn’t wax but a balloon. It will be the base for your lumiere’s shape and size. Pay attention to the instructions provided; it is important you don’t mess up the step involving the balloon and ruin everything you worked until then. Read the entire tutorial and list of materials carefully and make sure your DIY candles give your events and special occasions a truly personal touch. Good luck!

Water Balloon Luminaries – Step by Step –

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  1. Adrienne says:

    This is a really a good tutorial but you can use water
    balloons which are thicker and let the wax go up to the tie on the balloon., or as far as you desire. Add scented container wax and you have a wonderful scented candle. You can cool the wax between applications by putting it in a cold picture of water and it won’t take so long.

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