DIY Wine Bottle Rack Made From Coffee Cans


Wine is not a trend of the rich or even medium-wealthy people. Lots of people are beginning to show interest and be careful at what kind and particular type of beverages they drink, especially wine. It was naturally from this perspective that people will eventually invest in other materials that complement the habit of enjoying a glass of wine with friends. But again, you don’t have to have much money in order to indulge in such activities. That’s why this DIY wine bottle stand made from cans is one project we were obliged to share. Not to mention it can improve your home’s interior design if placed in the right spot. Here is what you need to do and have:

• a cardboard or cloth;
• a can opener;
• a can of white spray paint;
• a couple of cans of brightly color spray paint;
• a small tube of glue;
• a dozen cans of tomato cans;

First, make sure your cans are clean of labels and other prints. Maybe give them a wash and leave them to dry for a while before working with them in this project. You can find all instructions in the link below…

DIY-Wine-Bottle-Rack-1 DIY Color Block Wine Rack Made From Coffee Cans

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