DIY Wire and Napkin Ballerina Craft


If you ever liked the slick and thin statues you’ve seen on display in those luxury shops downtown, but didn’t quite fancy having a horse or any other sort of expensive animal shape on your coffee table, try to make your own. And with little money to spent, only a bit of patience, you can also design a nice piece of decoration for your home. Grab these materials:

• flexible wire;
• tissues;
• a pair of scissors;
• starch paste (can be diluted PVA glue);
• transparent fishing line;
• pliers;
• needle;
• thread;



Take a piece of wire (from a hobby store or take it from wire hangers) and bend it into the shape of the future ballerina. More details are provided by Stariy Chemodan in the link below..


Wire and Napkin Ballerina Craft – Tutorial by Stariy Chemodan

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