DNA’s Solar-Powered Hotel Toh Kuyabeh Mirrors Ethereal Bird Flight Undulations in Tulum

DNA Barcelona, a prominent Spanish architecture practice, unveils a groundbreaking concept with the Toh Kuyabeh, a holistic boutique hotel nestled in the verdant landscapes of Tulum, Mexico. This innovative project, developed for the KUYABEH Sustainable Ecological Community, draws inspiration from the ethereal flight of the Toh bird. The design intricately mirrors the bird’s shapes, feathers, and radial flight patterns, resulting in a unique architectural structure that seamlessly integrates with the tropical terrain, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding lagoon.

The Hotel Toh Kuyabeh by DNA Barcelona departs from conventional design norms, featuring three interconnected volumes arranged circularly beneath an undulating roof reminiscent of bird flight patterns. This configuration not only provides a visual spectacle of the vibrant colors of the Toh bird but also enhances the overall movement with captivating reflections in the water. The central core of the hotel accommodates various amenities across two levels, including a spa, meeting rooms, a restaurant, and terraces. This thoughtful distribution ensures both privacy for guests and stunning scenic views from every vantage point within the resort.

In addition to its visually striking design, Toh Kuyabeh prioritizes sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly practices. The hotel boasts solar-paneled roofs for renewable energy generation, rainwater harvesting systems, and efficient skin and roof designs that facilitate natural ventilation. DNA Barcelona further emphasizes sustainability through the use of a native construction system adapted to regional traditional techniques and a dry construction method, maximizing efficiency and adhering to green building principles. The careful selection of natural and native materials underscores the project’s commitment to bio-compatibility and environmental stewardship, making Toh Kuyabeh a beacon of eco-conscious luxury in Tulum.


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