Do-It-Yourself: Detail Your Cars Upholstery!


Cleaning your car can be a messy job, especially if you have kids who tend to spill all sorts of stuff on the backseats. So if you want a stain-free car and also stay inside your budget, then you should try this homemade cleaning product that will work its magic on your car seats. This winner product contains the following ingredients: club soda, blue dawn dish soap, vinegar, scrub brush, spray bottle and steam cleaner. As you can see all the ingredients are natural, so you don’t need to worry about your kids staying in a contaminated environment, full of chemicals. The instructions on how to prepare the cleaning product can be found on the link below. Don’t forget to share it with the rest of your family and friends too!

Detail-Your-Cars-Upholstery-1 more details here…

A Simple and Effective DIY Car Upholstery Cleaner


What You Need:
3 Tbsp grated soap (I used Fels Naptha)
2 Tbsp Borax
10 drops lavender essential oil (optional for the nice smell!)
2 cups boiling water

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