Duplex Chicken Coop

Chickens produce nutritious eggs, organic fertilizer. Because they need plenty of room to roam and stretch their wings while still feeling safe, our Duplex Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run is ideal for these lively companions.

This duplex chicken coop has two sleeping houses with removable roosting poles, non-slip ramps, and sliding doors to restrict access. For easy maintenance, we’ve also included two plastic pull-out trays. Check out the price here…

What’s included:
*Suitable for up to 6 standard size chickens or 10 bantams
*2 Sleeping houses with removable roosting poles, sliding doors and ramps
*2 Nesting houses with hinged roofs, removable dividers and fixtures for padlocks
*Spacious outdoor run with partition door to restrict access
*Front and top doors for easy access to your flock

This Duplex Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run is available HERE…

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