Dutch Family Living in Experimental Urban Greenhouse Home

Living in a greenhouse can sound strange. At first! But when you see what this Dutch family achieved you will be convinced that living sustainably is an achievable reality. What started like an experiment is now an actual home. The design is made by students from Rotterdam University and has a total surface of 1,291 square feet. Comprised of 3 bedrooms the house has glass windows on the roof in order to be very efficient from an energy point of view. Also, the temperature inside is regulated thanks to an innovative loam stucco coating on the interior walls. And as every regular greenhouse, there is a large rooftop garden where the family can grow some produce to consume for their own. Check out the photos to get a better understanding of how everything looks in this amazing house.


Why are we doing this (with my family)

As a interior decorateur the opportunity to furnish a house like this was to good to pass on. The fact that it had to be done with natural & recycled materials was an extra bonus. To top that we would have to grow our own food on the rooftop.

A few years ago I started to wander and think about:

  • our ecological footprint
  • climate change
  • the psychological aspect of houses
  • my love for the use of natural materials
  • the dislike of most of the new concrete houses/flats being build today
  • the questions why do we pay so much for a house that in real cost so little to make??

“After this experience, I could never go back to a conventional house,” says an enthusiastic Helly. “This is a house that works for you, rather than you working for it.” The family is slated to reside here until 2018, when the house will eventually be sold (price tag of USD $554,000) to a permanent buyer and possibly dismantled to be re-erected on another site. See more over at the the family’s Instagram and Helly Scholten‘s website.

2 Responses to “Dutch Family Living in Experimental Urban Greenhouse Home”

  1. John says:

    I have a green house porch, it really gets hot in the summer

  2. Margaret B Wylie says:

    Looks interesting but how would this. Faire in a high heat, high humidity climate?

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