Easiest Way To Clean A Mattress


If you’ve ever seen a documentary about what’s lurking in your mattress, you probably won’t go to sleep anytime soon. Once you get back to your senses, make sure your mattress is safe by applying this DIY solution. In order to make a practical mixture for cleaning your mattress from ingredients you probably have in your home, grab the following:

• a cup of baking soda;
• four drops of lavender oil;
• a jar;
• a vacuum;

Combine the ingredients in a jar and begin shaking. Don’t forget to close the lid before doing that. Go to your mattress and sprinkle the contents onto it. Leave for an hour in order to give time to the ingredients of the mixture to really do their job removing any sign of dirt. Afterward, use the vacuum to clean it spotless and make it safe for use again. You now have a dirt and moist-free mattress, ready for you to sleep nice and sound on it!

18 Responses to “Easiest Way To Clean A Mattress”

  1. sharif says:

    Can i use any type of oil?

  2. Teresa says:

    I’m allergic to lavender…will any other essential oil work?

  3. nikki says:

    lemongrass essence oil works as good alternative..

  4. Schafal says:

    Any water or just the oil??? Dont see anything about that. How much water??

    • Nera says:

      No water, just soda+oil and then vacuum, if you add water then you have to wait till it dries out -> this will work on carpets! 🙂

  5. Euri says:

    Can I use tea-tree oil?

  6. FroggieB says:

    How do You get the Vacuum Cleaner in the Jar ????? Lol

  7. soli says:

    How much is “a cup”?

  8. nilse says:

    What is the purpose to use oil? Is it to leave the mattress with a clean odor? I am very allergic and would like to know if it will work only with baking soda. Will it kill germs and micro organisms?

  9. Annna says:

    My mother had a side effect from blood pressure meds that was skin rashes. Her doctor then wanted to add several additional prescriptions to deal with the rashes predicted as side effects from the blood pressure meds.

    I asked her doc if there was a non medical solution and her doc said “NO” and that everything she suggested was approved by the FDA. The FDA has drug recalls all the time so that was not reassuring.

    I tried something… first using a HAAN or SHARK steam cleaner, I steamed cleaned all mattresses and covered them after with 1) a plastic mattress cover and 2) a washable pillow top mattress cover after the steam cleaning treatment.

    My mother’s rashes disappeared.

    My thought was that the rashes might have been caused by the combo of the medication and the fact that dust mites live in mattresses and it seems as though I was correct.

    She had rashes that first were just on her legs… then they spread to her torso and face. Causing painful issues around her eyes.

    This was a FULL BODY issue that began as it was predicted, due to the medication for blood pressure… and without changing that prescription we got rid of the rash problem about 3 years ago now and it has not returned.

    We do re steam mattresses about once every 6 months.

    Those plastic covers are designed for bed wetters. However I just thought they would also be a good barrier against dust mites when combined with high heat steam…

    You do have to replace them periodically because they do tend to tear after some months of use.

    The pillow top cover we use for comfort and also for the fact that it can be washed on the SANITIZE setting in our washing machine whenever we want to do that.

    • Annna says:

      We cover the box spring with a plastic cover also… but the most important is the mattress and the use of steam.

      For people with allergy issues STEAM CLEANERS are terrific because all you use is water and it kills off many things. I have BOTH the HAAN and the SHARK. I purchased them as floor cleaners but they have an attachment for upholstery. I also now use a hand held one for general surface cleaning. I highly recommend them!!!

  10. Tim says:

    The article says: ‘You now have a dirt and moist-free mattress’. No mention of ‘mite-free’ !!

  11. Sharon Jagger says:

    1 cup is 8 ounces

  12. Amir says:

    I see the greatest contents on your blog and I extremely love reading them.

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