Easily update your boring built-in bathtub with Faux Stone


When considering a home redecoration project, you shouldn’t ignore the smaller spaces such as your kitchen or bathroom. One can of course argue that renovating a bathroom can be really expensive, especially if you want to use natural and high quality materials. But there some cool tips and tricks to try at home that can come in handy in this case, and will help you redecorate your bathroom by also staying on the budget. For instance, you can use faux stone to change the aspect of your built-in tub, as this is an affordable alternative to real stone, which is also much harder to handle. Trust us, that changing only such a small part of your bathroom will create a totally new atmosphere there and transform the look of the entire space. Take a look at the link below for more details about this faux stone project.


Faux-Stone-2 photo: lovely crafty home





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  1. SumasMasonry says:

    I never thought of using bricks and blocks design as a decoration in the home, especially on bathtubs. This idea is awesome!

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