Easter Bunny Cake


The festivities of Easter are pretty far away but with Valentine’s Day out of the picture this year, it’s pretty wise to plan ahead; especially if you are enthusiastic about occasions to show off your gastronomical talent. Here is a suggestion that blends passion for food with that for art. Try to make this cute Easter bunny cake and give kids a reason to be more interested in this holiday, and the kitchen as well. You will need:

• a bottle of veggie oil;
• a pack of carrot cake mix;
• egg wash;
• a cup of shredded coconut;
• some jelly beans;
• a pack of food coloring of your choice;
• white frosting;

It sounds difficult by the amount of ingredients and the final result, but the steps are quite simple and it doesn’t need a lot of work on your behalf. Before preparing the cake, preheat your oven to about 350 degrees, according to what pan you will use (a nonstick pan or a dark pan). Bake the carrot cake mix and leave to cool for a while before using. Now, cut a layer in three, just like in the picture. Use the knife cu shape the length of the ears as you please. Construct the body of your bunny-cake by gluing the pieces with frosting.

From now on, it’s entirely up to you what you pour on it. We gave you some suggestions on how to decorate it. Use the cup of coconut to sprinkle over the cake and give it the nice color of a bunny. Make it look more like a cartoon animal by placing jelly beans as eyes and nose. Mix in a jar some coconut with food coloring to use on decorating the bowtie and fill in some of the necessary spaces, like the ears or mouth. You’re finished. The measure of a good cook is also shown by how nice the food looks.

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