Easy Barrel Cake – Easter Idea


Whenever a baking project goes wrong you are tempted to throw everything away and start all over. We’re here to tell you, you don’t have to disrespect your work only because of a little mistake. And even if it’s not the case of a ruined cake, this next tutorial for making a barrel cake is perfect to keep in mind just in case you want a special type of recipe to bake. Here is what you will need:

• some icing or frosting;
• a couple of spatulas;
• a bunch of long and thin candies or cookies (like Kit Kat, Twix, etc.);
• strawberries, M&M’s or jelly beans to use as toppings;
• (optional) a string of ribbon;

Now, you can even start work with a cake literally in 5 pieces. No need to worry at this point, because the frosting will act like some sort of glue to all the ingredients. Begin frosting your sides and continue with the top of the cake. Most of the times, the advice is to fashion a crumb coat at first, before applying the frosting or icing. Because when decorating in the barrel cake way, it’s not like changing the interior design of your room: it can be clean, or messy, or in between. Because the candy will cover it! So, grab the thing bars of candies or cookies. Use the frosting as adhesive on the back of each candy and attach them to the cake, making sure they all touch each other at the end, all the way round the cake. Don’t be afraid to cut them in order to fit the pattern. When this step is done, you can move on to filling the top of the cake with strawberries or other jelly beans. Bon appetite!

source: texasmonkey.blogspot.com

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