Build Your Own Wood-Fired Hot Tub

How would you like to have your own hot tub without spending a fortune? If you are trying to have a sustainable lifestyle and live off-the-grid, then this make your own hot tub project will be right up your alley. Build your own wood fired hot tub and spend some relaxing moments without having to go to a spa. This won’t be an easy job, but with some craftsmanship and the help of a professional, you can get much closer to your dream. Find the right outdoor space for this construction, then start purchasing the materials and prepare in time for the work that awaits for you. For more information and exact details about each step of the building process, visit the following website. With a bit of luck, your hot tub will be ready for the next winter and you can amaze your friends with your new outdoor “accessory”.


Buy a submersible stove for around $750 ( – Scuba stove You’ll need a way to drain the tub. The simplest method is to buy a Quick Drain system—a handheld pump that siphons and vacuums out water ($75; Make an insulating cover out of two-inch closed-cell foam to hold in heat.

photo source: motherearthnews

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