Easy Way to Build a Treehouse



How To Build a Treehouse – Apartment Therapy

8 Responses to “Easy Way to Build a Treehouse”

  1. Paul says:

    I would definitely put up a railing of some sort but cool build and any kid would love it.

  2. nosby says:

    I can´t believe it… you put nails on a living tree…!

  3. Lera Fleenor says:

    It is a great idea to build a tree house for kids. There are several tree house ideas that will help you to make a beautiful tree house such as planning, designing, colors, materials, furnishing etc.

  4. paul sparks says:

    COPPER nails are a very well known (sometimes covert) method of KILLING trees!

  5. Jawon says:

    Using nails in the tree is the easy way, the lazy way, some may say it’s inconsiderate…like me, I say “it’s inconsiderate” lol

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