Easy Way to Customize an Air Plant Terrarium


Decorating any room requires a lot of creativity and a clear mind about the design you are about to implement. Much attention is paid to the design because it can set an ambiance which will be in accordance with your lifestyle or on the contrary. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a bit eccentric and choose something like air plants, or air plant terrariums to be more precise, in order to make the interior design more pleasing to your needs and wants.


There are plenty of terrariums available out there on the internet, but you can also create ones yourself or even improve some basic ones you acquired. The fun side of this type of plants is that they don’t need soil, fertilizer, or even watering, because they draw their food and water form the air. This has an important effect on their placement in your décor. From simple glass globe, rocks and a plant, to intriguing displays of two or three glass containers with a foot and multi colored contents, the palette of terrariums out there is so diverse. mini-air-plant-terrarium-1

And the customization directions are more than enough. For instance, you could use beans instead of rocks or gravel. Also, there is a wide variety of sand you could use to cover your terrarium in vivid ambiances. Make sure you add custom touches to it, like small decorative balls, miniature statues, shells, and all sorts of aquatic tokens. Browse through all of the wonderful ideas we found and be inspired to make one for yourself. DIY is the way to go!

mini-air-plant-terrarium-2 mini-air-plant-terrarium-3







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