Eco Pods Modular Off Grid Offices, Garden Buildings And Holiday Homes


Eco homes are becoming a valuable piece of design in the residential building domain. Their low cost of maintenance makes them attractive for home owners. If you had a modular home that is also eco-friendly at the same time you might have come across a success story. The ECHO modules have both a modern design and a powerful ecological guideline – sustainable building materials, innovative approach to power consumption (the solar power offers electricity as well as heating, while insulation comes with the help of sheep’s wool or wood fiber). Each module designed by Sam Booth has 3 square meters and can act as a perfect office or garden if left standing alone or can be combined with other similar modules in order to make larger guest rooms, artist studios or even a modular home. Check out the reduce the impact you have on the environment and still like to live in a modern residence.







2 Responses to “Eco Pods Modular Off Grid Offices, Garden Buildings And Holiday Homes”

  1. Patricia Dunlop says:

    I am intrigued, and wonder what the cost of a two bedroomed + art studio + two bathroomed house like this would cost in South Africa, say along the coast at Bettys Bay or similar?



  2. Liz Davis says:

    Please contact me regarding the cost of a two bedroom two bathroom house in Sedgefield.

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