Elevated Tiny Cabin by Natureza Urbana Floats Between Trees in São Paulo

Altar Ninho, crafted by Natureza Urbana, stands as an ethereal haven hovering amidst São Paulo’s verdant embrace. Perched within the embrace of Pedra Alta farm, this sustainable sanctuary offers an unparalleled sojourn elevated above the hustle of urban life. Enveloped by the Atlantic Forest’s embrace and blessed with a vista overlooking the Joanópolis Reservoir, it beckons seekers of tranquility to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. As a testament to environmental stewardship, the architectural ethos seamlessly melds with the surrounding ecosystem, employing prefabricated structures to tread lightly upon the land.

The harmonious partnership between Altar and Natureza Urbana births Ninho, a jewel nestled amid the untamed beauty of Serra da Mantiqueira. This visionary collaboration resonates with Altar’s mission to pioneer decentralized hospitality, intertwining luxury with eco-conscious practices. The compact yet opulent treehouse, christened Ninho, unveils a panorama of innovation and comfort, marrying modern amenities with rustic charm. Embarking on a journey initiated in July 2023, this sanctuary epitomizes the convergence of sustainability and sophistication, inviting guests to partake in an unforgettable communion with nature’s splendor.


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