E’terra Samara: An Innovative Tree House Design


E’Terra Samara Resort, Tobermory, Ontario. The design concept for the E’terra Samara 5-star eco resort, located in the Bruce Peninsula, consists of twelve suspended, reimagined one-bedroom tree house villas nestled into a forest which is part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Also as we know .. tree houses are becoming increasingly beautiful and popular nowadays. With climate change worries forcing builders and architects alike to develop more sustainable homes, the regular childhood tree house is transformed into a modern living environment. The project featured here is one such example. With a home design that doesn’t harm the tree and lets it grow freely, the specialists at Farrow Partnership Architects might have come up with the perfect answer for the demand described in the beginning of this article. The Toronto architects suggest a home made from sustainable materials that will blend in harmony with the rest of nature. Take a closer look at this design project and you will see tree houses with a different impression. And if you’re searching for a future home to live in closer to nature, take this into consideration.


The sleeping area of the tree house is located in the “fruit” section of the samara shape, with the socializing area located in the “wing” section. Prefabricated off-site in three pieces, the structure will draw from East Coast light-weight wooden sailing boat construction techniques. Each samara villa frame will be hoisted into place and bolted together in the winter months with absolute minimal disturbance to the delicate flora. The locally harvested, Forest Stewardship Council-certified frames are suspended from a remarkably simple steel shoulder and cable system that hugs the tree trunk. This construction methodology is inspired by the umbrella-like yukitsuri ropes which support the black pine tree branches in Kenrokuen Garden located in Kanazawa, Japan.





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