Exquisite Interior Decorated by Pepe Calderin Design


This exquisite penthouse was designed by Pepe Calderin Design, in New York City. It’s a luxurious and very classy interior which has some great decorative items too. It’s very hard not to observe the bold mixture of colors and elements that have been used, from powerful red elements to darker black ones. Leather and wood textures meet in this pretentious design. By using interesting lighting methods, a very unique atmosphere has been created in the apartment. It is a refined design which brings something new in the art of interior design by creating a vibrant interior and a lot of space to be explored. The designing team decided to not place any doors in the interior, this creating the impression of extra space and making the apartment look bigger. In addition to all this, the penthouse has a great view and it is truly one of the most outstanding designs we’ve ever seen. The all-white bedroom creates an oasis of relaxation and the living room is the perfect place for day dreaming, as you can just sit and admire the view outside the huge windows.














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