Exquisite Pet Camper For Your Puppy


Do the ordinary pet homes not inspire you or your little friend to feel comfortable and in line with the overall design? Prepare to be amazed by these creative dog houses in the shape of trailers. Designer Judson Beaumont came with the Pet Trailers in order to make the whole pet owning experience more fun and in accordance with the rest of the human decor. Straight Line Design offers a collection of unique trailers, fit for small size dogs. The best news is that the home are fully customizable and the materials used in the built are environmentally-friendly – aluminum, plywood and plastics were recycled and used in manufacturing the awesome piece. Take a look through the photos to find for yourself that a pet trailer is a more cute and attractive alternative to the dull and bulky ordinary pet home.










Shasta-Style Puppy Camper Playhouse >DIY Plan<

7 Responses to “Exquisite Pet Camper For Your Puppy”

  1. Margaret Rutherford says:

    Where can I get one, what is largest dog that firs in one. And how much?

  2. Sandra says:

    These are so cute..I especially like the yellow & gray.

  3. William says:

    they are so freaking cute one for my boy and one for my girl.

  4. Shirley fisher says:

    I like the teardrop trailer. How much is it and when can you ship this to me?

  5. Laurice Haines says:

    I was wanting to know how much these cost ?

  6. Evely Montgomery says:

    hese are awesome. I need one for my Noelle. How do i get one and do they come in pink? How much do they cost?

  7. Johanna says:

    I’ve been searching for a dog house trailer for quite some time but your trailers are the best. May i know the price of roundish trailer color yellow and blue?

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