Farmer wants McDonald’s to print car number plates on takeaway packaging

A farmer from the UK has thought about an interesting solution to shame those who litter. Tom Martin, who is the owner of the Facebook page called Farmer Tom has launched an invitation to McDonald’s to start printing car number plates on their takeaway packaging.
After years of seeing litter and rubbish thrown all over in the countryside, Martin had enough and thought about this creative solution on how to embarrass those who don’t respect nature. A lot of that litter comes from fast food giants, such as McDonald’s so Martin approached the management with a suggestion on how to reduce garbage and raise awareness on this issue.
His Facebook post gathered more than 2000 likes in less than 24 hours and people cheered this initiative, sharing the post on their own Timelines. Tom’s farm is located in Cambridgeshire and he is faced with constant littering on his farm, getting tired over the years to pick up someone else’s trash. Such behavior can affect not only humans and nature but also animals as cattle is especially vulnerable since it is tempted to eat almost anything.
It is still to be seen whether or not McDonald’s will react to this suggestion but raising awareness over the issue is one big step forward.

The technology is available, and as soon as ⁦McDonalds UK⁩ start printing car registration numbers on takeaway packaging, this constant tide of #littering will stop. Come on guys – what a Christmas gift to the countryside (and taxpayer) that would be!

6 Responses to “Farmer wants McDonald’s to print car number plates on takeaway packaging”

  1. Luise Manning says:

    Great idea. I’m president of a local Land & Water care gtoup. This is essential we could send the photograph to the environment department to issue fines. Especially on their drive through coffee cup orders often. I see this & their cups straws end up on our roads & all the drains flow into our lake which then goes into creek out into or Ramsar listed Moreton Bay becoming marine Debris. The paper breaks down organic but not the plastic.

  2. Kevin says:

    McDonald’s could put the Car reg as a QR code, that way it not open for abuse.

  3. Susan Platter says:

    What an excellent idea! Anything to persuade people to stop tossing rubbish all over the place!

  4. Sandy Simmons says:

    Not a bad idea!!!

  5. Theresa says:

    Make a petition please and drown maccy ds with them …this is a great idea 🥰🙌

  6. Murdoch says:

    Brilliant idea because I have had the same.
    Also they should take a photo of everyone and vehicle until they get to understand and learn that littering is wrong, lazy and not clever.

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