Flat-Bike-Lift: Ingenious Way To Park Your Bicycle On The Ceiling


Having a bike means you can exercise as many times as you like, as biking is known to have a positive impact on our health. Besides this a bike can help you avoid traffic jams and public transport and get to places much faster. But the problem comes when you just don’t have enough space to store your bike and you have to come up with clever alternatives. To help you with this step, designers developed the flat-bike-lift, which is a bike rack that can be installed anywhere you want, from the garage to your room. Simply attach it to the ceiling and place the bike on it, then help your bike bend into horizontal position with a simple push. This is a hydro-pneumatic technology that will help you save a lot of space and store your bike in a simple but high-tech way. It comes in different types, as you can adapt it to different heights when it comes to your ceiling, but also to bikes that have different weights. See the pictures below for more details.





smart-bike-system-5 smart-bike-system-6



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