Floating Cabana: The SeaDuction Float


Next on we would like to share with you another great design, when thinking about outdoor entertainment. This floating cabana was named by the designers The SeaDuction Float and we can see why they’ve chosen to name it like that. You will instantly be seduced by this comfortable and fashionable design. You can use it in several ways, for instance as a beach lounge or in the water as a floating cabana. The SeaDuction guarantees you a great view while sitting on it and you don’t have to worry about drifting away from the shores. You can just relax and enjoy the waves. It is comprised of two cushions, a cooler which is built in the design, cup holders and other accessories which are very simple to assemble. But what we really enjoyed about this floating cabana is its umbrella which is big enough to protect you and also the person sitting next to you from the heat of the sun, so you don’t have to worry about getting sunburned.



2 Responses to “Floating Cabana: The SeaDuction Float”

  1. susan hodovan says:

    would like to know were you can buy one of the floatng cabana’s.

    • Tonie says:

      I looked up seaduction and found their web site. they rent for $600.00. don’t think I can afford to buy one. not listed for sale.

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