Floating Vegetable Garden


Gardening doesn’t exactly imply the rough work every one imagines. If you use your head and a little bit of ingenuity in this domain, you’re almost certain to yield results and not work from dawn to dusk on your field. Take this floating garden as inspiration. The simple PVC pipe structure is surprisingly keeping itself watered and relatively pest reduced. The design of this is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to sit all day to only take care after his or her garden. Because the cracks between the pipes are big enough and the whole garden is partly sitting in water, you never have to water it! You can also make a floating garden like the one featured in the pictures. Just tie together a bunch of PVC pipes, pour compost on top and feel free to plant some broccoli and cabbage.




The floating garden is a clever solution.



5 Responses to “Floating Vegetable Garden”

  1. Sandra says:

    This is not a complete explanation of this type garden. How do you harvest from this? Do you have to climb into the water to do it?

  2. Ann says:

    Couldn’t just plow up a small plot instead of all the trouble?

  3. Marcella says:

    Cool, I get it, an aquaponics garden without all the work! Smart, just pull it in when you want something on it, then push it back out, I am going to remember this tip, thanks!

  4. McGyver says:

    Excellent aquaponics setup. Rots get nutrients from soil AND fish poop infested waters. Minimal weeding. No Critters to protect from(minus insects), minimal watering.Just have some ropes tied to it to pull it in or have permanent ropes to each side of pond and a pulley system on each garden.

  5. Phil says:

    Is there some membrane between the floats and the soil ? How does the soil stay in place ?

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