Fold-Out Micro Bar


Do you want a new experience while having a drink or chatting with somebody? This may sound like something from the future, but it’s actually about design and how it can improve your life. The Quad Micro Bar (QMB) is made in a way in which you can socialize or work while standing or sitting. With the idea that seats are often consuming space and not even being used, the round bar table has a simple solution. Stools that can be folded out the bar is just brilliant! The important part to remember is that the design seems to have a natural look to it, the stools not being an impediment to the overall image, but blending in quite nicely. The slick lines make it a modern piece of furniture, matching decors and interior designs of contemporary homes and venues. The 30-inch table top is only the element you can see at first, but the whole QMB can be instantly opened to make room for two or four persons sitting. Each seat can be folded out, regardless of the other seats, and pushed back in when not in need, making the `packing-up` process fast and simple. And you won’t have to worry about any physical effort. That’s a piece of furniture that will surely improve both your interior design and your lifestyle.


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