Folding Flat-Pack Table

folding-flat-pack table

Thinking outside the box will not only give you a fresh perspective over the things from your surroundings, but will also allow you to trick your way out of the dilemma of space and comfort in the residence. The folding flat-pack table is the end-product of exactly this method, used by Robert van Embricqs to improve your home furniture. The elegant technological approach, seen previous in a folded chair, is taken to a new level by the innovative designer. The table is now not just a large surface with two pairs of clumsy feet, but a structure that is almost organic, transforming and altering its height as you want, in a fairly easy and natural way. The design doesn’t only make it more practical, but also more attractive to the eye. Let yourself and your dwelling free from conformity of a regular table and improve the interior design with a creative folding flat-pack table.

folding-flat-pack table-1

folding-flat-pack table-2

folding-flat-pack table-3

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