How to Force Tulip Bulbs in Water


Improve your home décor in a more naturalistic manner. There are ways to showcase flowers you might have not thought off before reaching this website. You achieve the impressive result featured in these pictures by presenting a bouquet of tulips with they’re bulbs in a vase. It will be something guests into your residence will remember as an interesting approach to floral design. You can also force tulip bulbs in water. Here is how. First, you will need:

• large bulbs;
• tall vase;
• glass beads;
• (optional) scissors;


The most important thing you must know about tulips, is that they need some 12 to 15 weeks (or as much as listed on the pack) to be kept at cold in order to develop properly afterward. So put them into the fridge for some sleepy time. Make sure there aren’t any apples around. Next, grab the beads and put them inside the vase, at the bottom. Pour some water in it, but remember you do not want the water to touch the base of the bulbs. Now place all the bulbs with their point facing up, on top of the glass beads. Wait for a couple of weeks or more for the tulips to grow. But if you don’t want (or can) to wait for too long, there is a trick you can apply. Go to the store and buy some potted bulbs, ones that didn’t bloom yet but still have some leaves popping out. Take the scissors and cut a bit from the top. They will bloom in a matter of weeks. The whole arrangement looks amazing!

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  • If you check the original article you will see that it is the ROOTS that need to be trimmed, not “a bit from the top” kind of important otherwise your plants will just look hacked about!

  • Maria Olarte on said:

    Where can I find the original article? Like the idea and want yo try it out but I don’t understand how I can use plants that are potted already?

  • Sandra Bailey on said:

    Mine I put in refrigerator for so many months after I took them out couple am later I put in vase of water like you did but mine molded and are rotty looking

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